With the New Ford Focus RS, Drifting is a Real Possibility

The new Ford Focus RS is undoubtedly a fun car to drive. You have probably even seen the videos where pros are drifting it around a track to showcase what it can do. But if you have yet to see it, then you are in for a treat. Check out the video below!

The new Ford Focus RS has the capability to drift like the footage you see because of the equipment offered. You can get purchase a model with manual transmission and a slightly overpowered engine, both of which are important elements for a livelier ride. Not to mention, a four-wheel drivetrain is also available, and when combined with the standard Torque Vectoring control, it provides adequate conditions for drifting. Of course, safety always comes first, so make sure that you only try something like this on a closed course where nobody is put in any danger!

If you are looking to own a car that offers full functionality and fun, this is the model for you. Hands down, the new Ford Focus RS is exciting to drive, but you need to take it for a test drive to understand what we mean, so visit John Kennedy Ford Feasterville today. You will certainly feel the kind of power that this car offers once you get behind the wheel.

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