What Does it Mean to Redesign the 2017 Ford Fusion's Cup Holders?

The 2017 Ford Fusion is getting a major re-design, including new trim levels, new style, and new semi-autonomous technology that can change the entire driving experience.

With this major re-design, Ford is also boasting about some minor re-design features, like the cup holders.

So, how can you take a device so simple, so basic, and improve upon it? It's nothing fancy. There will be no robotic, automated, artificially-intelligent cup holders in the new Fusion. Ford just did its homework, and optimized what people already love about their cup holders.

For instance, if a cup holder is not easy to reach, or not able to accommodate certain size cups, the result is a minor but persistent irritation with the vehicle. Ford shifted the position of the Fusion's two center-console cup holders six inches forward, putting them within easy reach of 95 percent of drivers.

Ford also did some deep digging into America's most popular beverage containers to create a cup holder size and shape able to accommodate them all.

The new Ford Fusion at John Kennedy Ford Feasterville: come for the driving dynamics and technology; stay for the flawless cup holders.

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