Adaptive Steering Gives You Greater Control In The 2017 Ford Super Heavy Duty

The latest 2017 model of the Ford Super Heavy Duty pickup truck brings lots of new improvements. One of these improvements is the new adaptive steering featured in all of the 2017 For Super Heavy Duty vehicles. With adaptive steering you are able to more effectively control your vehicles at low speeds. It also helps with parking towed vehicles such as trailers.

Adaptive steering responds to your steering wheel movements. Rotations are reduced by up to one full spin. Easier steering with greater control is the major highlight of the 2017 Ford Super Heavy Duty pickup truck by Ford.

Enjoy other features in 2017 Ford Super Heavy Duty pickup truck line. You will have a tougher, stronger frame made out of military grade aluminum and steel. The result is a stronger, yet lighter vehicle. Stop by our dealership today, and experience the new adaptive steering for yourself.
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