Ford Trucks Battle Intense Heat And Hills

Ford continues to build its vehicles with the highest quality materials. The Ford trucks are built tough to power through just about any situation. Materials used to make Ford trucks are very durable.

To test the durability of Ford trucks a group of guys take the vehicle out to an agility course featuring all different kids of weather, environmental conditions, roads with bumps, and steeps hills. The goal is to see how long a Ford truck can stand its ground without damages. Sometimes these drivers see how long it takes to break one of these vehicles.

Ford engineers will go to construction sites and take notes on how the trucks manage to haul around equipment in tough environmental conditions. Then these guys take it even further. Really push those boundaries. The trucks have been tested under 110 degrees Fahrenheit and survived. Ford trucks have been driven 12 million miles across all different temperatures and environmental conditions to get it just right. Visit John Kennedy Ford Feasterville today to schedule your test drive.

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