The 2017 Ford Explorer Makes Road Trips Comfortable

If you're gearing up for a road trip, the new 2017 Ford Explorer is the perfect vehicle for you. Wide, spacious trunk space can hold and store all your supplies or luggage.

Making it easy to transport any of your outdoor necessities, the new Explorer is ideal for long distance trips. The Explorer was built to handle all your baggage. The third-row seats are completely foldable. Increasing your desired amount of space, you can comfortably pack all your items in one single vehicle. The brand new heated and cooling seats in this SUV allow you to relax and enjoy your road trip like never before. Giving you ample leg room and tremendous resting space, this spacious SUV proves long road trips can be completely comfortable.

Whether you are with your family or riding all alone, the new 2017 Ford Explorer gives you maximum space for all your road trip needs.
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