The 2017 Ford Transit Connect is a Dual-Purpose Vehicle

Are you a small business owner who needs a vehicle to keep up with the demands of your business as well as your home life? If you are searching for a vehicle that combines functionality and design with versatility then the 2017 Ford Transit Connect is the right fir for you. With the Transit Connect you can go from hauling your entire family to loading up flooring for your home improvement company in just a few minutes time. The Transit Connect can comfortably seat 7 passengers as well as tow up to 2,000 pounds with the optional Tow Trailer package.

This vehicle is built upon versatility. The seats are easily foldable to make room for whatever your business demands. It truly is a vehicle for the home and the office; combine that versatility with its stylish look and the 2017 Ford Transit Connect truly delivers on its promise of a dual purpose vehicle.
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